Eddie Novacheck

Voiced by

Chris Beaubeaux, Taylor Peckham,(Albums 3,4,5) Samuel Narveson,(Album 6 ) Blake Parsons (Album 9)

First Appearance

Secret of the Hidden Cave Part l

Last Appearance

Danger Along the Chama Part ll


Jonathan Park, Mike Thomas, Jessie Brenan, Thad Sherman, Timmy Sherman, Kendall Park,



Eddie Novacheck is a member of the Eagle's Nest gang and the computer specialist of the CRT. He is usually the one that comes up with ridiculous ideas but sometimes it's worth thinking about. He enjoys computer games and currently works as a computer analyst at the Brenan Museum of Creation. He often hangs out with Mike.


Eddie is funny, smart (sometimes) and nice.


The Adventure Begins

  • "Hey guys, sorry I'm late!"
  • "I'm gonna E-mail the crook a message."
  • "Mmm, let's see here... Dear honest and upstanding artifact swindler..."
  • "Scaring Timmy?! I'm scaring myself! I need to go to the bathroom! ... Mike, come with me."

The Creature of Cape Cod

  • "Hey you're right! its only knee deep!"
  • "Somehow i feel as if i'm gonna be the one to set one off"