Martha Brenan


Martha McCarry Brenan


Jim Brenan (husband), Jessie Brenan (daughter), Ryan Brenan (son), Summer Melody Brenan (daughter), Michael Brenan (brother-in-law), Isaac Brenan (nephew), David McCarry (brother), Julie McCarry (sister-in-law)

First Appearance

Secret of the Hidden Cave Part I

Last Appearance

Danger Along the Chama Part II

Voiced by

Elizabeth Batchman

Martha Brenan is the wife of Jim and mother of Jessie, Ryan, and Summer Melody.

Before Volume One

Martha lived on a farm when her father got a stroke. Jim's mother sent her sons to work on a farm and she developed a crush on him. When they were in college Martha worked hard to help Jim's sick mother and he fell in love with her. They married and had a daughter and son: Jessie and Ryan.

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