Myles Morgan
Gender Male
Voiced by Don Keesey
First Appearance The Eye of the Storm Part l
Last Appearance Danger Along the Chama Part ll
Occupation Leader of F.I.R.S.T., (formerly) currently works at the museum
Location Unknown, likely Abiquiu
Myles Morgan is the former leader of F.I.R.S.T. and former enemy of the CRT.
Myles morgan


Originally the leader of F.I.R.S.T (Frequent Information Response and Safety Team), he later became one of the founders of the CRT, but was fired due to his refusal to faith. After feeling betrayed, Myles became a worldwide known criminal, and tried several times to sabotage the plans of the CRT , even on occasion tried to murder members of the CRT. Later on, Myles stole a famous artifact by the name of the Beowulf Manuscript, but it was recaptured by the CRT .

When the Speedwell flies out into space, Myles Morgan stows away, and when Kirk accidentally flew out into space without any energy left to get back, Myles willingly almost gives up his life in trade for Kirk's. He almost dies, but barely makes it back to the Speedwell, in his moment of near death, he prays to God and becomes a Christian, and would have gone to heaven to join his creator, but thankfully Kendall comes up with a plan to save him. afterwards Myles is taken back to a hospital and repents and asks God for forgiveness, and is forgiven. He still had to spend jail time though, but after cooperating with the FBI and ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcements) to catch Dr. Ian Dawson, he was given an early release.


Myles is married to Melissa, and has two sons, Wesley and Kirk.

Skills and Abilities

Shooting: He is a wild shooter and has terrible aim. When he was trying to shoot Kendall, he missed and put some holes in his boat instead.

Disguise: He is fairly good at disguising himself, as he actually fooled the CRT into thinking he was Yachdiel for some time.

Leadership: He likes to be in charge of things.


Kirk: Myles had Kirk steal a phone for him and sabotage the CRT's mission. Kirk wanted to do something for his dad but didn't like what he was doing.